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  1. On Here Comes The Rain :
    very cool video

  2. On Here Comes The Rain :
    what can i say?! love it!

  3. On Here Comes The Rain :
    nice to see something I truly feel is interesting. I have followed Foetus for over 25 years and I will say I that he can still amaze me. Nice work.

  4. On Here Comes The Rain :
    as always, great video!!!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous and extremely disturbing. Bravo!

  6. Brilliant! How fertile. And a lovely goat.

  7. really enjoyed the end of this track

  8. great video, interesting song. The heroin-addict look make-up FX look great, was Dick Smith the mae-up artist?

  9. Who ever fail to feel the magic power of these work of art must be invalid!
    Great songs, great music, great art!

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