Foetus: Bait

Release Information

Entopic Ents 032

Compliation of Thirlwell’s music. Limited edition download from, 2009

Track Listing

1. Suspect (from Foetus FLOW )
2. Cirrhosis Of The Heart (Amon Tobin mix) (from Foetus BLOW)
3. I Hate You All (from Foetus DAMP)
4. Toxodon Mourning (from Manorexia VOLVOX TURBO)
5. I’ll Meet You In Poland Baby (from Foetus MALE)
6. Te Deum (from Foetus LIMB)
7. Verklemmt (Vid mix) (from Foetus NULL/VOID)
8. Life in the Greenhouse Effect (from Steroid Maximus QUILOMBO)
9. Gums Bleed (from Foetus ACHE)
10. Fluorescent Radiation (from Manorexia RADIOLARIAN OOZE)
1I. Will Love You Always (from Steroid Maximus GONDWANALAND)