JG brings “Cholera” to the Lausanne Film festival

tumblr_mgnf57J8ih1r26hzho1_500JG Thirlwell will be appearing at the Lausanne Film Festival in Lausanne, Swizerland on Oct 17 2013 in a rare performance of his new long-form work “Cholera Nocebo”. Also on the bill will be Leif Elggren, Jason Lescalleett, Aluk Todolo, Brian Lewis Saunders and Blackphone 666.

“Chloera Nocebo” is an electroacoustic suiite where Thirlwell performs on prepared piano, autoharp, electronics, samples and various small objects in front of a projection . JG hopes to record and release the project as an album in stereo and surround sound in 2014.

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  • JG Thirlwell is a composer, producer, recording artist and performer based in Brooklyn NY. With a extensive body of work that spans more than 25 years, Thirlwell has performed under such aliases as Foetus (all incarnations), Steroid Maximus, Manorexia, Xordox, Baby Zizanie, Wiseblood, DJ OTEFSU, Garage Monsters, Flesh Volcano, Immaculate Consumptive, Clint Ruin and more. In addition, Thirlwell has produced, mixed and/or performed on vast quantities of recordings including many of the releases on Lydia Lunch's Widowspeak label and artists as diverse as The The, Pantera, Nine Inch Nails, White Zombie, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Coil, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Arto Lindsay, Marc Almond, Swans and countless others. Today, Thirlwell continues to release new records and currently serves as the soundtrack composer for The Venture Brothers on Cartoon Network and Archer on FX.
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