New Steroid Maximus live videos posted

Four videos from the Steroid Maximus at Prospect Park bandshell in Brooklyn show last summer have just been posted in the video section of foetus.org. For the show (which was part of the Celebrate Brooklyn festival),  JG Thirlwell assembled and conducted a twenty piece mini-orchestra.

Among the clips is an edited version of a Venture Bros medley which includes versions of “Fumblestealth”, “Bolly” and “No Vacancy (Venture Bros Theme)”,  as well as an explosive version of “Gawker” from the Venture Bros soundtrack and two tracks from the Steroid Maximus album Ectopia: “L’espion Qui A Pleure” and “Aclectasis”.

The videos were shot by Drew Ravani and Margarita Jimeno, and edited by Rimma Dreyband.

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  1. This is amazing, Jim! So glad I got to hear this!

  2. Fantastic videos, great to see documentation of the Celebrate Brooklyn gig.

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