Manorexia t-shirt and tote bag available now!



Ectopic Ents is proud to announce the release of the Manorexia t-shirt. Celebrating JG Thirlwell’s acclaimed instrumental project, the Manorexia shirt has a two color design, with white lettering on a gray mortar and pestle, making it a perfect conversation starter for your next cocktail party or doctor visit. It is printed on a black Canvas brand soft cotton shirt, and is available in small, medium, large, XL, XXL and XXXL. Also available is the Manorexia tote bag, The handsome cotton tote bag features the Manorexia logo in white with a half-tone mortar and pestle on a black bag and is the perfect size for carrying vinyl, or anything else your heart desires. JG Thirlwell encourages you to use your tote instead of getting plastic shopping bags at your grocery store!
They’re available right here at the Foetus Shoppe.



Screen Shot 2017-04-19 at 11.20.53 PMJG Thirlwell very rarely DJ these days, but he will be doing a short set at Rough Trade NYC in Williamsburg for the webite Talkhouse on Saturday April 22 2017 in honor of Record Store Day. DJ sets will also be supplied by A Sunny Day in Glasgow / Showtime Goma’s Jen Goma, Ian Williams of Battles, Vagabon, Jonny Pierce of The Drums and Mario Andreoni of !!!.


JGT’s Cholera Nocebo Live at Roulette NYC on May 30 2017

Screen shot 2014-03-29 at 4.51.20 PMJG Thirlwell‘s Cholera Nocebo project will make it’s North American debut in a special surround sound concert  at Roulette on May 30 2017. Tickets are available here.

Cholera Nocebo is a 50 minute electro-acoustic presentation, performed  with software and sampling, autoharp, prepared piano and small electronic and acoustic objects and instruments. It is an immersive multi channel composition which allows for an elastic performance.  It is performed with a projection  of multiple time-lapse car journeys along the Long Island Expressway in NY which gives the illusion of hurtling into a void, culminating in footage that was shot in the blackout in Lower Manhattan which occurred in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, which devastated NYC. The film was shot and edited by gea with additional footage by Sebastian Mlynarski.

Conceived as a “Pangaea” project, Cholera Nocebo is intended to be performed at least once on each continent. It has thus far been performed in Morocco at the Marrakech Bienale , Club Babylon in Istanbul, Stockholm at the “Art’s Birthday Party” Festival, the Lausanne Film Festival, Cafe Oto in London and at the Dark Mofo Festival in Hobart, Australia.

A 5.1 surround sound Cholera Nocebo album is being prepared for release on Ectopic Ents toward the end of 2017.



James Ilgenfritz releases Thirlwell composition for solo contrabass

a1596461489_10JG Thirlwell was commissioned by James Ilgenfritz to write a composition for solo contrabass. The piece, entitled “Xigliox“, has finally been recorded and will be released on Ilgenfritz’s second solo album, Origami Cosmos on Infrequent Seams on March 24 2017. “Xigliox” is described as “a work that constantly careens from lyricism to ferocity, from precision to frenetic abandon.”

The album also feature pieces written for Ilgenfritz by Annie Gosfield, Elliot Sharp and Miya Masaoka.

Origami Cosmos is described as : “From hypnotic drone works involving Just Intonation and use of multiple bows to astounding feats of technical virtuosity, this collection of works brings hyper- complexity, improvisation, and lyrical beauty together into a deeply personal tour-de-force of musical invention. “


Daniel Langdon Jones RIP


I am deeply saddened by news of the death of Daniel Langdon Jones. Dan started the foetus.org website back in 1995 and maintained in tirelessly for years. He started it on his own as an enthusiast, without my knowledge, and when i first encountered the site, the info on the exhaustive discography contained releases I didn’t even know about. I contacted him and foetus.org became the “official” conduit of JG Thirlwell-related info on the internet, which I contributed to. He continued the run the site and we became good friends. We would correspond and talk on the phone regularly, and get together when we were in the same town. He traveled some distances to come to some of my shows. When I started the online Foetus shoppe, Dan also ran that for some years.

He bowed out from running the site some years ago but we kept in touch. Dan was generous, warm, had a great sense of humor and a sometimes sardonic view of the world. In recent years he looked after a lot of the neighborhood cats that roamed near his house in Georgia. In one of our last communications, about a week ago, I asked him to say hi to the cats. He replied “I said hello to all the cats for you, but they seemed unimpressed.” He also dug his road trips and visits to Vegas.

The other night I dedicated my show with the Great Learning Orchestra to him, as I had heard the news that morning.

My heart goes out to his family in this sad time.

JG Thirlwell March 2017

Photo of DL Jones by John Hubbard


“Go Team Venture” Venture Bros Art Book to be released in April 2018

imageedit_4_2041589144-thumb-500x667-574480Publisher Dark Horse will release the deluxe hard cover art book Go Team Venture!: The Art and Making of The Venture Bros., a comprehensive behind-the-scenes look at the Adult Swim fan-favorite. Written by journalist Ken Plume in conversation with series executive producers Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer—and featuring an introduction from Wonder Boy himself, Patton OswaltGo Team Venture! spans the entire history of the show, from early concept sketches to future teases.

The Venture Brothers is one of those shows, like Archer, 30 Rock , and Arrested Development , that stands up to repeated viewings,” said Oswalt. “It practically demands them. And this book more than enriches your repeated visits.”

“Go Team Venture!: The Art and Making of The Venture Bros. hardcover hits the shelves 0n April 3 2018.


JGT’s Great Learning Orchestra commission live

GLO Orangeri webJG Thirlwell has been commissioned by Great Learning Orchestra to create a 45 minute large scale compositon, which will be performed live on March 15 2017 at Sodra Teatern in Stockholm. CM Von Hausswolff will open the evening with a solo set.

The Great Learning Orchestra is a collective of over one hundred musicians based in Stockholm, though the version of GLO that will perform with JG will be about 35 players in number. Great Learning Orchestra‘s model is based on that of Cornelius Cardew‘s Scratch Orchestra, combining musicians of varying abilities, from virtuosos to sound-makers. Their objective is to meet up to explore music with listening in the center. They work extensively with graphic, instructional and unconventional scores and the ensemble has a fluctuating size and instrumentation depending on the piece they are performing. JG Thirlwell has already created two graphic scores for GLO and has conducted workshops with them.


Second FNM MF Remix from JGT

SQ-Cone+of+Shame+RED+Prod+ShotFaith No More’s new single “Cone Of Shame” features a new remix of the track “Motherfucker” by JG Thirlwell on the b-side.

This is a second remix of “Motherfucker” completely different to the one by JG Thirlwell was issued previously.
The single is available as a limited edition colored vinyl 7″ available in all Mom & Pop Record Stores. There is also limited stock available direct from FNM USA  and from Ipecac Records.

You can see the video of the single here.


Foetus Of Excellence shirt and tote available now

foe Ectopic Ents is proud to announce the release of the Foetus Of Excellence t-shirt , originally included in the long out-of-print Foetus Of Excellence box. The Foetus Of Excellence was released in 1985 as a box to hold all the Foetus vinyl releases that had been issued up to that point on Some Bizarre, and it included a shrink-wrapped t-shirt with the shield design printed on it. It was limited to 836 pieces, exactly enough to break even, and sold out immediately, making it the one and only release to make the UK independent charts without having a musical recording included. This classic iconic design has been selling for exorbitant prices, so we are thrilled to make this fine item available again. The Foetus of Excellence shirt has a three color design, including a metallic gold, red and white, making it perfect for formal occasions, and is printed on a black Canvas brand soft cotton shirt. It is available in small, medium, large, XL, XXL and XXXL. Please note there is no box!

foetoteAlso available is the Foetus Of Excellence tote bag,The cotton tote bag features the FOE logo in white on a black bag and is the perfect size for carrying vinyl, or anything else your heart desires. JG Thirlwell encourages you to use your tote instead of getting plastic shopping bags at your grocery store!

It’s available right here at the Foetus Shoppe.


JGT scores HuffPo series

Screen Shot 2016-10-18 at 9.32.01 AMJG Thirlwell has create the musical score for a new series for Huffington Post entitled Purpose and Profit, which is about companies making a difference in their communities. The series is directed by Sebastian Mlynarski.

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