Foetus: Hide

Foetus: Hide

HIDE features ten new compositions by JG Thirlwell, who describes it as a
"neo-symphonic avant-psychedelic concept album informed by the culture of fear". Kicking off with a nine minute operatic opus featuring the guest vocal talents of opera singer Abby Fischer, HIDE is an immersive album infused with strands of progressive and contemporary classical, as well as Thirlwell's twisting cinematic journeys, bombast and sombre interludes.

Thirlwell produced the album and performs most of the music. Also guesting on the album are long time collaborator Steven Bernstein on trumpet and Leyna Marika Papach from Thirlwell's Manorexia ensemble on violin. In addition, Elliot Hoffman of Carbomb plays drums on a track, and there are appearances from Ed Pastorini, Jeff Davidson and Christian Gibbs (Lucinda Blackbear).

File Size:106.7 mb

'Hide' unquestionably marks yet another fantastic addition to the already astounding Foetus catalogue, and is one of those albums that demands repeat listening, and lots of it

Christopher Nosnibor

Ambitious, overwhelming, rough, rugged.... saddle up for a blaze into a flawed but ambitious psychedelic opera.

01. Cosmetics
02. Paper Slippers
03. Stood Up
04. Here Comes The Rain
05. Oilfields
06. Concrete
07. The Ballad of Sisyphus T. Jones
08. Fortitudine Vincimus
09. You’re Trying To Break Me
10. O Putrid Sun

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