Foetus: Soak

Foetus: Soak

SOAK is a companion/satellite album to the previous Foetus release HIDE. Some of the tracks on SOAK were begun at the same time as the HIDE sessions or recorded since, but provide a conceptual progression and/or expansion on some of the themes and ideas of HIDE.

For legal reasons, the track “Danger Global Warming: JG Thirlwell remix” is only available on CD and not on the digital version of the album.

Please respect the wishes of this artist by not uploading material to blogs, torrents, P2P services and social sharing sites.

File size:111.4mb


01. Red and Black and Gray and White
02. Pratheism
03. Alabaster
04. Warm Leatherette
05. Kamikaze
06. Halloween / Turbulence
07. La Rua Madureira
09. Spat
10. Cosmetics (Secret Chiefs 3 remix)
11. Mesmerin

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