("monster" cover)

("burned mannequin" cover)

(hand painted cover)

Various Artists - An Afflicted Man's Musica Box

LP  1982  United Dairies  #UD012  Made in the UK

CS  198?  United Dairies  #UDT 028  Made in the UK

1)  Primordial Industry

2)  Industrial Go Slow

Credited to Foetus In Your Bed.


This LP was made with three different cover designs, the first commonly referred to as the "monster" cover in an edition of about 250(?); the second commonly referred to as the "burned" or "immolated mannequin" cover, in an edition of about 1000(?); and the third being hand-painted by Steven Stapleton (Nurse With Wound), in an edition of about 20(?).  There was also a test pressing between the first and second cover editions, without a cover, but with copies of various reviews & press clipping attached.

"Primordial Industry" also appears in an edited form on the Foetus Inc. Sink release.  Per Sink, the two tracks above are one, called "Primordial Industry / Industrial Go-Slow", but this compilation lists them separately.

If anybody can verify or correct those numbers, or provide a year for the cassette, please contact via e-mail.  Also, if you another hand-painted cover, and wish to share an image, we would be grateful.

Other artists on this compilation were Nurse With Wound, Operating Theatre, Jacques Berrocal, Anima, & AMM.

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