Various Artists - Mesomorph Enduros

LP  1992  Big Cat  #ABB 36  Made in the UK

CD  1992  Big Cat  #ABB 36 CD  Made in the UK

1)  Incesticide

Credited to Foetus Inc.

Cover / liner / label notes:

"Incesticide" written, engineered, produced & performed by J.G. Thirlwell at Self Immolation Studios, Brooklyn.

Previously released as a flexi disc for reflex magazine.

Mesomorph Enduros is dedicated to the Action Man, Charlie Ondras.

Compiled by J. G. Thirlwell   Edited and Remastered at BC Studio.


"Incesticide" also appears on the Gonzo Circus magazine compilation CD Mind The Gap #9, as well as on the NULL/VOID release.  It also appears under the name "Somnambulumdrum" on the Reflex magazine flexi-disc release.

Note that Thirlwell was the compiler of this compilation, basically a collection of the works of his favorite bands of the day, and further compilations in this vein may follow.

21 Dec '96.