Various Artists - Plow!

LP  1985  Organik/Recommended  #ORG 85-1  Made in Switzerland

1)  Cough 'n' Kill  [5:35]

Credited to Wiseblood.


This Wiseblood track only appears here in musical release; it does however appear in John Spencer's short film Shithaus, collected by Nick Zedd onto the video compilation The Cinema Of Transgression Vol.1 (1986).

For this track, Wiseblood is listed as "Wise Blood", and features Clint Ruin and "Roli Rox" (Mosimann).

Additionally, Clint Ruin credited with production help on the Sonic Youth / Lydia Lunch track "Death Valley '69".

Included an insert pertaining to the artists and titles.

Other artists on this compilation were Copulation, Swans, Hit By A Truck, Dressed Up Animals, Abt. 409, Live Skull, Eiger Nord Wand and Christian Marclay.

21 Jul '96.