lets blame it all on the events of January the twenty ninth.
yeah, im looking over a four leafed swastika with twin cams and high carbohydrates,
ready to burn.
you got the wrong set of wheels. i cant roll back the odometer either.
its backed into a wall and crushed a suitcase in its wake; just look at the price of gasoline....
who knows what that may mean karmically.
welfare cheats and tired meat, they breath their carbolic dehydrations in the air and i can almost see the flecks;
on the subway at west fourth street at 6;53 PM this evening they scurried and ebbed and flowed like so many worms,
so many germs, it was all i could do to not run screaming in the other direction;
i keep a close watch and a box of handiwipes close at hand,breath shallow and avert your eyes.,
in the born again compassion, it does not convince me im afraid.....feckless as i am.
its almost a Hasidic dilemma, but there's no forcing the issue, or making her shave and look frumpy, that just don't even approach it.
things that begin with m for $200 please, Alex.
every day i slip into unfamiliar territory, which is my skin when i exit the dream.
id like to slip into her familiar crevices.
id like to strap her on.
those nether lands.,the nether regions, the hind quarters are drawn and quartered, im drawing straws like a needle in a haystack.
weathering the nether weathered regions, i feel mysterious today.
lets survey the damage:there's a constant wringing on the left which is sometimes tempered by the gentle hum of the BQE,otherwise the warm whited hiss of the computers that surround me a keep me warm with their radiations and a security in how i (inter)face the world.
let me tell you a story about an evil little girl:
she axed the wrong question:
"what are you thinking?"
nothing can erect a wall quicker.
lost in the sundial, hidden in the shroud of the rain and chasing the space between drops,
i am proud of the reign but humbled by my own uselessness.
too often i forget to breathe, my brain wills my lung to deflate.
is any of this getting through to you?
i hope not, its not supposed to,.
it aint a pretty picture, but my life never was a Kodak moment, even tho i would prefer to imagine it that way.
well my obsession began as a reward, a guilty pleasure;
before long i found myself devouring the minutiae of Tom and Nicole's rocky relationship, or production difficulties on the set of lord of the rings, in all earnestness;
i admit i have a problem;an addict on every level.
y'see you do a sweep and distill, be a filter sifting thru postmodern discarded ephemera, like why you troll the streets on garbage nights and poke thru trash cans.
more chocolate; am i missing moldy peaches?
i rent space in my head way too cheaply and look where it gets me.
bad tenants, bad tenancies with worse tendencies.
architects of adversity, the place should be condemned.
turn off all beepers and cell phones,and extinguish all smoking materials.
stand clear of the doors, stand clear of the windows.
ive chosen to live just for now;ive chosen to live just to spite you.
staring daggers can pierce my armor, but, your honor, i never m-meant to harm her.
it was an infrared attraction,damn,its those confounded foetus pheremones,they get me in to trouble every time.
too powerful for their own good.
they really get the juices going.
its like a velvet glove concealing a horseshoe, a hand from above that's holding a corkscrew.
a canary in a coalmine who couldn't even get a baseline buzz if you held her head in a rainbarrel,them enzymes are working overtime so watch where you lavish those compliments.
its all French to me anyway, mostly is these days.
time to stuff the bodybags.
she had a tumor so i couldnt let her live, or that may just be a rumor, you know,ive got a MIND LIKE A SIEVE.
i done crossed over that invisible line. there has been a serious diminishment of brain cellery.
the odds may be in the graveyard's favor but there aint no way to diminish the flavor.
someone oughta tell poor little jg that Sammy Davis jr. may not be the best role model in the world.

Original source: Gothic II, 2002, published by Schwarzkopf and Schwarzkopf; edited by Peter Matzke and Tobias Seeliger.
© 2002 Schwarzkopf and Schwarzkopf

20 Feb '03