Satan Stole My Teddy Bear Review of Scraping Foetus Off The Wheel's Hole, Sep 1997

Self Immolation/Jem

An unbelievable American debut from this legendary underground sonic abuser.  JG "Foetus" Thirlwell creates aural masterpieces completely and totally in studio isolation and this twisted slab of vinyl is the result.  Impossible to pin down to one influence, Hole runs amuck in styles and genres, all subscribing to the apocalyptic visions of Thirlwell.  Sure, the hick sexual rants in "Hot Horse" are funny rather than scary and the satanic surf warp of "Satan Place" is just too damn cool to be frightening, but this stuff is unlike anything you've ever heard.  Some import versions contain a second disc with the immortal statement, "You've got a Foetus on your breath, baby" (from "Wash It All Off") and a handful of other non-LP tracks.  Essential for anyone who claims to be into the industrial/electronic genre.

Review by John Chedsey

 Track listing:
LP one:
1. Clothes hoist
2. Lust for death
3. I'll meet you in Poland baby
4. Hot horse
5. Sick man
6. Street of shame
7. Satan place
8. White knuckles
9. Water torture
10. Cold day in hell

LP two:
11. Wash it all off
12. Sick minutes
13. Halo flaming lead
14. Finey honed machine
15. Today I started slogging again

Review by John Chedsey.

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30 Jan '00.